Android Freelancer

I’m Andreas Schrade, a dedicated Android developer!

My aspiration is the fast and seamlessly integration into my clients’ teams and workflows to create high quality software in an efficient, harmonic and long-lasting way that serves the needs of users.

There’s nothing I can’t handle.

Who I am:

  • 8+ years of experience in the field of Android
  • 10+ years experience in Java; 1,5+ years of experience in Kotlin
  • Author of Android articles for print and web
  • Awardee of “jugend innovativ 2013” in the category Mobile
  • Worked on 10+ app projects (for mobile, tablet, Android TV, FireTV)
  • Founder of Exynap, a smart tool that assists Android developers
  • Publisher of a weekly Android development newsletter

Android is not just my job - It is my passion


Please get in contact to check my current availability.

Tools, Skills, Technologies, Techniques

I develop fast and robust state of the art Android apps using the latest technologies and techniques. I use my knowledge about time management, project management and tools to save time in development.

  • Android (SDK), RxAndroid/RxJava2, Dagger Dependency Injection, Butterknife, Greenrobot EventBus, Picasso, OkHttp, Retrofit JUnit, Mockito, Robotium, Crashlytics, Kotlin
  • Git, SVN
  • Gradle, Maven, Ant
  • XML, CSV, JSON, FlatBuffers
  • Android Studio, IntelliJ Ultimate, Eclipse
  • Scrum, Kanban
  • Test-driven Development (TDD)
  • MVP, MVVM, MVC, Clean-Code principles, Enterprise Integration Patterns, GoF Design Pattern
  • SQlite, MySQL, Oracle RDBMS
  • Jira, Redmine, Trac

I’m a dedicated Android developer


  • Back in 2011, I developed one of the very first Android Real Time Strategy Games
  • I live a stoic lifestyle
  • Besides software development, I enjoy the craftsmanship of composing symphonic music
  • My favorite number is 42 and favorite prime number is 101